[SFR] Bring your Popeil Pocket Fisherman to Zoo


Topwater and tying.
If you go to the Woodland Park Zoo, take a look in the pool at the Red Ruffed Lemur exhibit. They have a half dozen LARGE stockers in there! They go nuts when they throw pellets to them. Smallest looked to be about 2 feet. Largest ran closer to 3. More Steelhead size than 'bows. Just make up a few pellet flies, put on some light tippet, and enjoy the (brief) fun.

Of course, you might want to wear some good running shoes and a disguise. Probably some rule against taking a fish for a walk in the zoo ;).


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I have the same thoughts when I watch the carp in the pond when I take my kids to Wild Waves. Man that whole place is gross.