Tempting Mother Nature on the Yakima - which float?

My buddies and I are way overdue to wet a line and we can all finally go tomorrow. Unfortunately, the forecast is for 17mph wind with gust near 30 from the NW. Can you recommend a float that's usually a bit more sheltered from the wind?

Derek Young

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Wind is a fact of life on the Yakima, and many Western rivers for that matter. My advice - get on the water early in the morning before the day heats up and the winds start to really kick.
Exactly as Derek mentioned, early on the winds were quit manageable for us during our float on Friday. As the day progressed things got tough at times, especially with the 3 wt I was tossing dries with.

Thanks guys. Unfortunately the last several times I've fished the Yak the action didn't pick up until around midday. So get out early for lower wind slower fishing. That's why I was curious about location more than time of day. Oh well, better than not fishing at all.


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I drove through the Canyon on Saturday and the wind at ten Am was blowing pebbles the size of bb's hundreds (yes) of feet straight up!

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