Where are the grouse?


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I thought that was wierd. Size of a small chicken egg. I thought to myself that looks like a grouse egg. But it can't be because no sane grouse would nest out in exposed bunch grass 1/2 mile from the nearest trees.

I look a foot up hill from egg and saw this, See a ruffed grouse nesting under a balsam root flower. I walked away and left her. I was standing a foot away for about 5 min and she never moved


Managed to find a few sheds



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It looks like you had a great hike. Nice finds on the sheds. When I retire I plan on spending a lot more time in the woods too.
Pretty cool! I was out at browns lake during the opener and took Otto for a walk. We flushed half a dozen. And I was hearing them drum all over when out on the lake. Hard to not think about bird hunting all the time!

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Adams just returned from a trip to Texas to visit the old folks, and returned with a new AYA #2 in 20 gauge. There goes my neighborhood! He'll insist on getting out for some grouse "scouting" as soon as he recovers from the trip. Btw, he also told me on the phone that the Cabela's in Austin has plenty of firearms-including those evil "black" guns-and ammo. No shortages there, and the cigar stores actually allow smoking in the store!!!!!

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