vehicle kills wolf on blewett pass

David Dalan

69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E
Here is the rest of the story.....note the date of the kill.

Looks like I got new neighbors in the hood. I guess Elke Summers will be moving out on the news.

Oh well, looking forward to the howling at night....damn coyotes couldn't sing worth a damn anyway. I guess they will be following Elke out of the neighborhood.
There have been wolves up there for well over a decade. Probably longer, including ingression from the Canuck side of the border. I think they have to have three generations of pups before they get officially declared an established pack. Wolves cover a great deal of territory. One from the Blue Mountains was tracked into central California anad part of the way back before the transponder was lost. If you live within 1500 miles of the WA/ID border, you have probably had wolves trucking around now and then for some time.
Just another case of wildlife hit and run.
Poor wolfy or should I say good hit driver.
I say "good hit".
If there have gotten to be so many wolves to get hit by cars, there are to many wolves. Just my .02
Something I learned some years back is if the WHP catches you hitting and running from hitting wildlife it's a big ticket.