May Cartoon

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
I can identify with these, Gene. Years ago on a blustery day back home, I "caught" my ear. Since fishing was hot, I clipped the leader & continued fishing. Upon arriving home, I found myself third in line at "Dad's Minor Emergency & Hook Removal Clinic." When he finished with me, he looked all three of us square in the eye & asked: "Who the hell taught you guys to cast?"

When i first started fly fishing when i was a kid i was trying to cast while in a float and ended up hooking my eyelid i look back at it now as pretty damb funny but i know my 9 year old self would disagree


I know a professional artist who uses colored pencils to create wall art of fly patterns. For awhile he drew the flies as barbless and they didn't look quite right. Fishing with barbless hooks is one thing but the barb is required if you're tying flies for display or using them as a subject for artwork. The barb adds an appealing curve to the form of the fly.

This is why most Atlantic Salmon fly display patterns include a barb on the hook. It's a piece of artwork, not a working device for catching fish.