Show Me Your Fly Box!

Woefully inadequat is right. I spend most of my time hunting for steelhead/salmon, so my trout boxes don't look like what they should. It's good inspiration though. I need to sit down and just start tying and fill out my trout selection!


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fly 3.jpg
fly 4.jpg
fly 1.jpg
fly 2.jpg

Everything I own..... Sad I know! Now I have to buy more flies to catch up to the rest of you.
Haven't started tying yet!


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Kcahill.....are you fishing those plantation reservoirs? I went with a guide many years ago, in late Feb, and we hit one of those reservoirs with small and largemouth and peacock bass in was too cold for the LMB and peacocks, but we had a blast with the SMBs.
I am fishing probably with the same guide you went with, from what he has told me though the reservoirs arent that great anymore and most of the fish in there are stunted. He mentioned fishing rivers so we will see, he said he has been getting into LMB up 10 lbs last week so I am pretty excited. I have never fished peacocks either so that should be pretty interesting.

My main two fly boxes. Nymphs in one and still water in another. My dryfly box is nothing to show off. I have a compartment fly box that keeps the odds and ends of my flies. For the most part this is what I fish with.