Lost- Rod and Reel Fish Lake, Cheney WA

Lost a Echo Carbon 9 Foot 6 Wt with a Black reel and a full sink line. Rod fell out of rod holder close to boat launch this evening.

If you happen to catch the rod or hear of anybody finding this please let me know. Rod was a Christmas Present from my Wife...

Lost at Fish Lake by Cheney Washington.


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Sorry, had the same thing happen a few years back on a blustery day.
Lost a Sage LL that I built. Sick feeling, hope somebody finds it.
Had friends out there Sat. & Sun. I'll let them know.
Im heading back out there today, its warm enough may take a swim.
Losing a rod is not fun, sorry to hear about your hand build rod, thats tough!

Thanks for spreading the word. Hopefully somebody will dredge it up


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Had a couple of friends out today and another yesterday. Had told them both, no luck.
Where in relation to the launch do you think you lost it? I thought about the swim thing when
I lost mine "in a lake related to you" but figured I'd lost enough already so reconsidered.
Ya the swim thing is a thought but with the visability in that lack seems like a lost cause.

Was just out to the left of the launch about 10 yrds off the lilly pads. I was able to get a pretty good mark of the spot with a stump on the shoreline. Had about 25 yards of full sink line out. I may get back out there on Tuesday and see if i am able to pull it out.

Thanks for passing the word out to your friends. I know that Mills and Ediger were out there today but didnt want them to worry about my rod, just catch some nice fish!

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