Mineral Lake

I just got back from Mineral Lake today. They just stalked the lake with a pretty good number of triploids (i caught quite a few) and some 10 inchers (caught alot). I trolled the lake and caught quite a few the largest being a rainbow at 2.5lbs. The winning rainbow of the tournament was 9lbs! It looked like a salmon. There was also a 8.5lb german brown trout that was caught. This is a good lake to go to if you want to spend a weekend catching monsters. Not many people fly fish so when i was trolling i threw out a green bugger that just kept getting destroyed. by the end of the first day it was torn up and i forgot my travel trying kit so i was at a loss on that one. I caught a decent brown on a black bugger. You want to hit the lake early in the morning with dry flies or with a wolly bugger that is about 1-3 feet below the surface. During the day it would be best to crono or emerger fish along the banks. Along the east side of the lake there are tons of logs and cut banks that usually get fished with worms and bobbers. The south side of the lake is where all of the driftwood ends up but there is a really good fishing here with the rocks turning to seaweed. The west side of the lake is petty good fishing in the evenings and the north side of the lake is over fished. Thats where everyone shore fishes. Later on during the season when people get tired of eating fish you will only see about 10 boats on this lake. Later on in the year i will be up there again fly only to get into some fish. Right before i went fishing at mineral i went out on american to try some of my wolly bugger inventions to see how they worked. I got out on the water and about 5 min later i had a fish hit and breat the tip off of my rod. Its in repair now lol.)


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Good report. Mineral used to be our opening day destination back in the 60's. I can remember quite a few opening days with snow on the ground.
Since they started stocking them, it has put some very nice carry-over browns. Did the 9 lb winning bow have any fins?
The state puts some brutal looking brooders in there every year that have so few fins I'm surprised they can still swim. There are also some very nice carry-over bows in there as well.
If you like crawdads, Mineral is a great place to take your traps. I think that is also what helps the browns grow so large.

The winning bow had some pretty good sized fins it was probably a carry over from a few years ago that just got lucky enough to not get caught. Also SF you are correct the crawdads there are a great food source. You can see them come out to get your scraps as your cleaning the fish.

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