Yaaa baby!!!

Jim Ficklin

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Thank God you were wearing maximum neoprene protection, Tom. Pays to practice safe fishing . . . and folks wonder why I carry insurance . . .


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I stopped fishing Myron when the naked meth ho came out of the porty potty and tried hug me when I was putting on my waders in the parking lot.

And then there was the time I was dodging crossfire from a norteno Sureno shootout....
Yikes. I wish I could lament the downturn of my home water, but Myron was actually pretty gross back when I fished it too. Diapers and crap all over the shore. I pulled some nice fish out of there though, including a couple of very large browns.

I remember fishing Myron one evening with a buddy. Food poisoning from bad Taco Bell hit him hard in his tube and he didn't make it to shore before the explosive diarrhea hit. He got naked in the lake, threw his cutoff sweats and tighty whiteys in the bushes, rinsed his waders out and kept fishing. We caught a bunch of stocker bows that evening.


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ive heard there used to be browns in there, who knows how many still lurk in the depth's. i was out last night float tubin and got surrounded by a school of 15-20 catfish all around 20". none would hit any flies but it was neat. i know some bait fishers have pulled 30+ lb. cats outta there.

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