Confluence Fly Shop Kickoff Today

Jim Darden

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Well Ed and Scott kicked off their new fly shop in Bellingham today with a great event. Spey casting in the morning and single handing in the afternoon with a complimentary lunch of pulled pork and brisket. Hope you all had a chance to stop by and welcome the new shop into town. They had a combination of spey rods to cast that would make your head spin, and make you wonder if you shouldn't add just "one more" to your selection. These guys go out of their way to try and match your rod with the right line to make spey casting the zen like experience it is supposed to be. Hope they make it in Bellingham, we need this kind of service. For the beginner it is indespensible and will save you a ton of $ rather than trying to figure things out on your own.


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Ed and Scott are doing it right. Unsurprisingly, they've already taken my money multiple times.

I wish I could have gotten down there, but the kiddos weren't cooperating.

Jason Chadick

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Wish I could have made it. Great guys providing a badly needed resource. I can't wait to see the shop next time I'm in B'ham.
I had an opportunity on Saturday to be out at Nugents corner with Ed and quite a few folks trying out different lines and rods. Ed helped me line my 11'6" 6/7 weight rod that I built a few years ago, and then taught me the double spey, and the snap t. I have a lot of practice to do, but I sure enjoyed having a little success. Great day! Pulled pork later in the day at the shop...both guys love to talk fish and gear, and are extremely helpful with novice spey casters like myself. Met lots of folks who were very friendly and knowledgeable. So glad these guys are in Bellingham!

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