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Did some fishing, did some birding; ate up some dead dinosaurs along the way.

Only fish pic I took. I don't have a waterproof camera, forgot my real cheap P & S, and this is the one I use for pics of flies. If you don't believe I caught some trout that may, may have hit 14", what can I say?

On with the show

70 degrees and sunny the day before, but a change in the weather is coming

On the way out of Dodge, wanted to stop in, but they weren't open at 6:00 in the morning; cool place

If you can get on it, pigs live here

Taking the back road, stopped for a quick looksee; clear but rising, the drainages at about 115% snowpack

No kidding - trees come right down to the road; I kept it about 10 mph below the limit, especially after T-boning one in October and totaling the van

as if on cue

it's been known to have some fish

Teddy the K country

snowing like crazy on the pass, busting out of the clouds on the east side


got a free air show while I was rigging up

spectators or wannabees

breeze freshened up a bit (gusts to 70 I was told), managed one very confused brown

next morning was bright and sunny; my favorite early fishing spot

cuz these guys usually show

one fish and lots of scratches later and the baetis weather moves in; quick stop in town for coffee

and a look at the local BoatMax

bugs everywhere, a few fish up, a few on the hook; the river was not as generous as in years past and did not suffer my weak game

it really is an impressive erection

time to hit the road

a few early risers heading for breakfast

parting shot

quick stop for a few supplies and a drive through town; always a force in NAIA football

stuff along the way

good business plan

better business plan

dem bones

I got a thing for beaverslides

a break in the drive for some fishing; browns

back on the backroad; looks like my Pinewood Derby entry years ago (actually looks better than what I made)

harrier flying the contour lines

pretty, especially considering the proximity the Superfund site

another impressive erection; taller than the Washington Monument, which would easily fit inside

too slow on the draw, I just got momma moose's backside; tons of fresh scat along the river, but she was the only one I saw

first time here in a while, the cutts were in strange places but willing to look up; foam skwalas and CDC & Elks (swarms of March Brown spinners in the air but not much interest that I saw)

the Hantavirus Inn (old FlyFisherman Forum reference)

view from the campground

next morning cloudy & cool and the fish were tight against the banks; again with foam creations, just like hopper fishing in August (except for the fingerless gloves and 2 layers of Capilene)

aw, shucks

get 'um up, Scout

time to head home; fully furnished and Dish Network

serpentine; good brown water

same water I fished in the morning, a few miles down the road; 'bows were sitting on the inside bend and they were eating March Browns

up through the Reservation; looked like a fresh coat of whitewash on the Missions

speaking of missions

got to visit the fish farm some time

Ninepipes; you can get your waterfowl fix here big time

Flathead Lake's looking a bit bony; just waiting for all that snow to come down from up high

the other Cherry Tree Blossom (unlike the Tidal Basin, they're not just for show)

10 miles from home; last shot before the camera battery went dead

Nice phototravelogue! Lots of familiar places along that route. Looks like a great trip.

... and fish pics aren't all they're cranked up to be. It's hard for me to let my imagination carry me away for a few moments with a fish pic. I'll take water and scenery shots any day!


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