Yesterday was the best day in a long while, a report

There's another kid friendly trout pond more up in your neighborhood. I know that Anil has taken his son there, so you might find out more about it from him. I remember that when my kids were little, their attention span was shorter than the trout, so taking them where there's plenty of fish makes it fun and builds confidence. You're a good dad.


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As a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather I know how precious and fleeting those moments are. Those pic's and video should put a smile on anyones face.
Thanks for letting us share your special moments, Dan. Calvin is truly a 1st class fly fisher.

Wow, nice video of your kid fishing like a master there... Strip, strip, strip. Fish on... Here let me set the hook, keep a finger on the line so the fish can't run, so I can real in the slack and get 'em on the reel. Nice fishing there little man and nice job coaching from the dad! Impressive!



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I have a two year old and I can't wait to get him into fly fishing. He doesn't have the same challenges as your son, but it's great to see you taking the time to expose him to these things as best you can. You're an inspiration. I only HOPE to be as good a dad as you clearly are.

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