heating up

Went exploring Saturday for a little lake full of big lahontans, then was going to hit another lake near it to try for channel cats on my flyrod. Long story short, I took a wrong turn and never did find the lake. Spent a good hour roaming some backcountry dirt roads. I know where I screwed up, and will find it next time.
Sunday it hit eighties, and I expected fishing to be hot too. Wasn't to be. I started on Rufus, missed a few takes, but could tell it was slow so went up the road to try for some brookies. I told myself I would leave after twenty, no matter how ridiculous the fishing was. Kinda slow there too. Carpenter ants were everywhere on the surface with very few rises. I've been on the same lake before when the ants made the fish go crazy. I never did get twenty, changing venues after three hours and about a dozen fish. Swung into another lake, but nothing was rising and alot of people were swimming right where I wanted to fish. Moving along. Back to Rufus. Two more hours, zero fish, a few missed strikes, one ldr. Change. Up the road to a bass lake. Oops forgot my bass fly box in the other boat. Found one mouse pattern floating around. The bass still aren't quite ready for the topwater thing yet. Worked my way around the lake with one fish to hand. Another week or two of nice weather should do it.