Trying to resist the urge...


Love vintage graphite!
Yes, ordered from Wasatch. I looked at the vises at the show and liked the base. The wooden bases from Jvice in S. Africa are nice as well and have a lot of cool features.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I've decided what I really need is a permanent, fully equipped tying station in every room in my house. it drives my wife batty how I will drag all my tying stuff around to whichever room we happen to be hanging in, and I end up leaving a trail of materials and tools through the house. My desk is in my bedroom but I find it much more enjoyable to bring my stuff out and tie around my family instead of alone in the bedroom
That's why I actually have a house dedicated to my flytying. Still in development process, but it's coming along nicely. :)


Love vintage graphite!
Pretty danged fancy.... but for the life of me, I couldn't determine what the thing costs on their site.
Click on Ordering, then click on the appropriate download. You will get an excell spreadsheet with all the items/options/prices.


If it wasn't for the 100.00 shipping, that is a heck of a good price for a vise like that one! I thought they'd be much more than they are.

I wonder if it is the $$ exchange rate that makes the price so reasonable?
GAT, I sure hope your talking about the price and shipping from South Africa. From what I could gather from the spread sheet you buy the vise, the base, bobbin rest and jaws, all separately, then add in the shipping. From Wasatch it's a $500 bill plus $36 for express shipping.

Root, let me know how you like the vise.