FS Outcast Powerdrifter

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Frame and boat in good condition.
Frame comes with small motor mount and anchor release/bracket, 12 lb anchor (no rope).
Self bails slowly, the floor is gonna get a wee wet. Search for the video on Youtube, it's pretty nice for lakes or smaller rivers. You could throw a rod holder on the frame for back trolling.

Solo with your frame, or throw a couple sit on top kayak seats in there, and tandem away. Outcast says good up to class 3, 500 lb capacity. Brittany not included.

Asking 550 (price reduced). Contact me for more pics.
I love my power drifter. I use it mostly in the rivers. Have not done class 4. I have changed mine a wee bit. I have a rod holder for my fly rod when I'm rowing. I bought the front seat which is a bench seat that fits on the pontoons. I also bought the Outcast tie downs and glued them on by their instructions. Looks factory and it was EASY. I have an Outcast saddle bag that fits on the back of the seat. This thing rocks. Camping gear, cooler, rods, tackle bags (that's why tie downs). I have a motor for it, just have not put it on, I enjoy rowing it too much. The Minn Kota would work great on a lake, but like I said, it's too much fun to row. I had regular double pontoons. I tried one of these and sold the pontoon boats the next day and bought one of these. Downside? Heavy/bulky to carry for a long way alone to the water. Two guys make it no work at all. Hope this helps. It's a hoot!
I love this boat...up to class 2-3 when Kayak paddling w/out the frame for the big stuff. With the frame the high center of gravity is a little meh on the big rollers, but just keep it straight into the waves, and the foam floor is stable. I'd love some bench seats like Alaska Fisher, would be a great addition. For class 4, you need a 14+ cat or a 14+ raft and some skillz. Coming from a retired rafting guide. Oh, I do paddle this in class 4 with no gear, just beer.

Tandem kayaking works great with kayak seats - the sit on top kind - or thermarest seats, and you can strap in to one of the 4 d-rings inside. Just took it for a float on the Deschutes this weekend to get to those spots on the other side that weren't being pounded. You may really need this if the railroad shuts down access and trespasses you all along the river like they did at South Junction! But that's another thread.

Agree that it's a litte awkward with one for long trips to the water, but it's portageable on the head.

Open to offers. Will include two 230 cm cannon fiberglass-shaft kayak paddles for full price offer.
Still for sale. 500 (I'm keeping the kayak paddles) delivered halfway anywhere western OR and WA.

It does have one small patch (< 1 inch, patch inside tube) professionally repaired by me. Other than that, good condition.
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