Overnight hike-in

Been meaning to get an overnight trip in, does anyone know a good river that has hike-in overnight access--preferably on the west side--preferably with some hungry fish... I mainly fish the Snoqualmie and Tolt, but I don't really know if there are legit camping areas off those rivers. Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Scott Salzer

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I'm not sure which "Snoqualmie" you fish, but the Middle Fork has camping spots all along the road. You don't need to hike in, just park & camp. There are some very nice sandbars, which draw the party crowd. You can go up to the end of the road by the Taylor River. You used to be able to drive beyond this area but I'm not sure if you still can. If not, it might be worth a hike to see the upper portion of the river. I have done well with elk hair caddis. Just take Exit 34 and head up the river.


You can still drive past the Taylor river but I would not drive a car up there. It is like a cow trail. Went up there in my Subaru. Didn't get over 10 MPH. That is one bad road.

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