any one fish kenmore area?


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Curious if anyone has fished the sammamish slough in Kenmore. I drive over it every morning on the way to work and swear I have seen fish topping. Gotta be some fish moving up since its so close to the lake? Any ideas? Thinking about stripping some streamers at the boat launch in the morning before work.
I talked with someone on another forum who catches trout there but never went myself. I kinda wonder about the water quality though, seems very stagnant at times.

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It gets very, very warm. Too warm for trout fishing (lots of stress on the fish). I lived on the slough for 4yrs, and mostly just went and target bass and squaw fish. Strangely enough, the squaw fish were the ones that gave me the most fun... they get big in there too.
I own a wine shop on main street in Bothell and I tend to hit the slough for bass down by the 102nd bridge. I have seen some trout and I see some guys always taking them out but never keeping them. bluegills and sunfish are around every bend. Droppers, nymphs, anything that is pretty decent size and ugly will get some attention. Seen a few carp but then dont seem to like me. When it gets a little warmer, the bass come out for top water action. Just get it close to the bushes and give it a twitch. you'll get something in that dark muddy water. I usually have my 8wt at the shop so I can hop down at lunch for a quick few cast, or I just close the shop down with a sign that says, gone fishing. customers know that I really am



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Report- didn't shown up with as much time as I had hoped( damn the real job). Lot of fish topping. Kept sinking leach patterns for bottom feeders. A couple of bites but none landed. Gonna have to try again tomorrow maybe. Great way to start a working day throw in line for an hour at sunrise. Maybe feed the top water and catch what looked to be cuttys jumping. Gonna get that damn carp though soon enough. Saw one roll over right in front of me.... think he was one of the nibbles I got too.

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If the fish at the surface seem small it might be smolt headed downstream. I fished Lake Sammamish once on a "downstream migration" and saw schools of salmon smolt being chased by bass. The smallmouth in Sammamish are chunky.
I live about 10 minutes from the bridge at Juanita Drive and fished it quite a lot in my toon last year when I had a few hours to myself. Agree with even on the squaw fish/pike minnow or what ever they're calling them now. Good sized and a fun tussle. Medium sized BH brown buggar worked pretty well. Further down where the docks start I found some bass on big top water flies and streamers. Maybe we could meet up some am?


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Ya I'd like that. I got poor hours but if you want to do an hour in the early morning I'd be down to try again tomorrow. I can only fish till 6 45. If you want to meet up I can be there by 5 30.

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