It's That Time

Jim, thanks for posting the photos of the ______________ , the _________________, and the _______________________.
They are most definitely NOT Sand eels/lance.
The last one looks like a surf smelt to me. All could be any of the five Smalma mentioned.
Wish I could I could id them. WFF needs to have a smelt expert on retainer.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Yeah, the larger one looks like it could be a eulachon. The last one maybe a surf smelt. It looks a little bluer thant the bigger one.
The smaller one almost looks different, but maybe it was just a runt. I notice that it's eye seems relatively larger than the eyes on the other two.
They all look like some kind of smelt. Its hard to tell from my pics, but the fins were all similar and in the same places on each fish.

Bob Triggs

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Fishermen are seeing sandlance as long as 3-4 inches here in the Admiralty Inlet and Hood Canal areas. One friend who was Halibut fishing found 4 to 6 inch sandlance, spilling out of the Halibut's mouth.
Great photo's James, thanks for posting them. Years ago when I was inspecting them at the beach I noticed the violet hue on the sides of the sand lance, it even shows up in the picture, I doubt it makes any difference but I usually add a strip or two of violet KF on the sides of my sand lance patterns, who might help.


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I'm going to modify some of my patterns after seeing these photos. Such pure silver on their sides.... blues, purple, a splash of yellow... Fish are cool, damn it.