Anyone coming on here seeking donations, read this before posting

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
I'm sorry to sound hard assed on this one. But I take helping our veterans very seriously. There's nothing worse then someone who either misrepresents their service, or worse yet never has served but claims service coming on here seeking freebies. Our board, and many others, have been hit lately with people scamming using veteran status to gain goods and some even reselling those supplies that could've been put into the hands of a veteran in need who would've appreciated it.

So from now on, if you are a veteran seeking assistance, please contact me first before putting up any ads here or in the classifieds needing donations. You can easily find the program nearest you here

Once you show up at a program, put your time in, then the rewards will come (in more ways then one). If you're in the NW, send me a PM, and I'll send you in the right direction for a program near you. Again, you start showing up at your nearest program, start tying regularly, go on trips with us, then the program director will see about funneling gear your way (if available). I do my best to get all of it into the hands of a vet in need in our region (we've moved most gear so far to programs in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska so far).

So this isn't to discourage the vets out there. If you served, we'll do our best to make you feel welcomed and get you onto the road to heal from your wounds both physical and mental. But I'm trying to discourage those who are taking advantage of those who are giving from the goodness of their hearts back to those who have served this great nation.

Thanks for your understanding.

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