A rookies log.

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No steelies caught today. Was out there early this morning. I was out there for about 2 hours. The whole entire time I saw another guy spey casting using a snap T, and here I was trying my best to get 80 ft out there with my single hander. I literally shouting out " fuck this", I went home, got cleaned up, headed out, and came home with a new spey setup. This should help me out greatly.

Echo Classic spey 12' 9" 7 wt
Echo Ion Reel
Rio Skagit flight head 525 grns
Rio shooting line .030
10ft T-11 sink tip.



Evan Virnoche

Tap into the inner chi. Walking pace, boulderz, pools above and below steep gains and plunge pools. Be one with the swing, cast mend upstream try toget the slowest swing possible.
Not open for further replies.