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Hey could you guystry this flie out for steelies down there (closest steelhead is 5 hours from me)

Hook: Standard Salmon
Weight: .035 lead or sub
Tail: Black hackle (optional)
Butt: Orange Fuzzy thread, then pink fuzzy thread
Rib Olvole tinsel
Body: Peacok ice chenille
Under Wing (sz. 1/0 and above(King flies)): Black Calftail
Wing: Black Flashabou
Hackel: Black Saddle or on larger versions black marabou
Tight Lines From Alaska
ps ill upload a pic when ican
I'd be happy to give it a test because it sounds like it might be a killer. I'd like to see a pic though since I'm not to sure of the proportions. What do you call this?
P.S. I'm planning a trip up there next summer or fall. I have to go on the cheap. Thought about staying in somebodie's vacant cabin for a week and getting in and out to it by bush plane. Do you have any place in mind or contacts I might make?


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Closest Cutts For me are a hour drive then a 3 hour boat ride lol
worked nicely for sockeye, and pinks tryed it once for kings, way too many people, didn't get to ff for silvers or chums too much this year though try it out and let me know how it worked
Tight Lines From Alaska
with the lead on that baby I bet it would be great fished on a floater for any resting late fall fish kind of reminds me of a freight train?

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