New to Tri-Cities and looking for a fishing buddy

Hello my names Justin, I was turned on to the website by my little brother Jordan who was one of the first members on this site. We grew up on the west side of Wa State but Im now in the Tri Cities. We had a grandpa who loved to fish and taught us well so I grew up fly fishing mostly in western Washington. I haven't fished as much as I wish I could say over the past five years we'll just say life happened but now here I am in the Tri-Cities and have gotten back into the swing of things and have time to fish but I've come to find out that everyone over here is mostly into bass and wally's...I have a good buddy over here who is big into fishing and we go out all the time but he won't touch a fly rod. It's all spinning n bait casters for him. Last year he got me into the bass and I had a good time rippin lipz as he calls it on my spinning rod but I'm really missing the trout/steely's on my fly rod Im sure you can relate. I've checked around and known about Lenice and have known about the crab creek chain of lakes for years in fact we used to come over form the west side to fish them. But now I'm here and know a lot of places to catch bass on my spinning rod but besides Lenice and it's sister lakes I'm really missing some trout fishing action and just fly fishing in general. I even started targeting bass on my #8 out of the Yakima for the fix and have had some success with that and will probably continue to do so through the summer as the Yakima and surrounding areas down here can get really hot for bass fishing. I own a pontoon with an electric or oars, a frameless pontoon, and a 16ft hews craft river runner with an 85 jet 8hp kicker and electric so I'm set up to fish ANYWHERE. I'd really like any help though as far as any places to explore (not looking for spots just general fisheries I'll do my research and exploring) for some trout or steelhead and if someone would like to tag along I'd love to meet some new people that share my passion since I do most my fishing alone when it comes to fly fishing over here. I have two brothers still on the west side so when we get together it's all fly rods but over here I find myself with a spinning rod in hand more often than Id like to admit. I prefer rivers coming from the west side but understand the great lake fishing on the east side, and as pre-mentioned I have a "water toy" for pretty much anything from big water to small floats on rivers or lakes and who could call themselves a fly fisherman without the good ol' fashioned waiting in small creeks and streams I love to do. Anyways there's my cry for help...hope to here what you guys have to say and possibly meet up for some fishing!!

Welcome to the Tri-Cities Justin. I have been here for 6 years now and I love the fishing opportuities around. I dont get out as much as I would like (something most married guys with kids would say). I also have a pontoon boat with electric and oars. Floated the lower Yakima a couple times. My son graduates from high school this year so I may have a lot more time to fish later this summer and fall. I am particually wanting to float the Yakima canyon and catch some fall rainbows up there but have been afraid to try it alone. Been on that part of the river with a guide a dozen times or so. A good morning or evening with the fly rod on the lower Yak for bass would be a hell of a lot of fun when the water retreats a few feet. A good friend of mine taught me some tricks for Columbia River smallies too. WOuld love to hook up and fish.
Head East toward the Blues if you want to find small waters with trout in them. Small fish, but feisty and fun.

Chad Lewis and I have floated the Yakima around here for smallmouth a handful of times, it's a great way to spend an afternoon. We gave it a go a couple weekends ago with no luck.
Thanks guys for the responses and advice Jim I'll check out your link and Adog I've been looking over in that area thinking about heading over for a day or an overnight trip but still doing my research as to where to go but thank you...and VPFMBOB I live out in horn rapids out by west Richland so the lower yakima is literally in my back yard...i take my both pontoons I own and floated it many times last year with my spinning rod after the bass and killed it, had multiple 15-20 fish day's in just a short 1.5-2hr float. I put in at horn rapids and float down to the west richland boat launch or if I want a little longer float 2.5-3hrs I'll float all the way to the I82 or 240 bridges, so I know the bass are there, no luck with trout though...Thats why I wanna break out the fly rod and get after em I figure the bass are there so why not fly fish for em?? but your right its way to high and fast right now...I took out my pontoon with the frame last week with my electric hoping I could run up stream a ways and the current was way to strong, and my normal 1.5hr float lasted about 35-45mins just had to pull the motor up and float but I caught a hawg on a plastic fluke only fish I caught but she was a pig ready to pop so I let her go so she can spawn, that was on my spinning rod. I gotta cpl spots on that float where I know they hang out so once the water drops I have a few sculpin pattern fly's and some big creatures I think will be good for bass my little brother (who's about to become a signature tier for idlywilde flys) hooked my up with and I have a little pond out back of the gold course here in the neighbor hood holding bass and so I just tossed the fly in there to see the fishes reaction and they hammered em so I feel confident I got the right flys to get the bass. So I'm more than interested in hooking up and exploring more of the Yakima for both bass and trout. I know the lower section real well so feel confident floating alone from like horn rapids down into the mouth but haven't been up much further but its on my list to do this year. Would love to make a day trip out of it and drive up into the canyon and hit some water I don't know and would feel a lot more comfortable with a partner. If your interested when you get a weekend or weekday you can spare with your busy married life LETS DO IT!! Here's a pic of the bass I pulled out last week, I had floated the Yak a cpl week earlier without a bump so I hope this wash out clears up and drops so I can get after em. The yakima has kinda been my go to spot just because of ease of access from my house and the short float I don't have to make a day of it I can get up and be on the water by 6-6:30 and home and showered and off to my day by 8:30-9 so it'd a nice little fix when I got the fish fever. Would love to start throwing flys at these guys though and see what happens I have high hopes for the lower yak and bass, and would love to run up river and do some more exploring for some trout but like I said I'm a little gun shy to go alone without knowing the water......ANYWAYS thank you to everyone who responded I hope VPFMBOB we can link up and get after it, and like my previous post said, I have a "water toy" for anything big water, lakes, floats and I'm not a "fair weather fisherman" if you want to go let me know and I'm there. I try to fish as much as I can.

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!! and good luck and be safe on the water..

Justin S
Thanks A dog, wish I could say she took a fly, but I pulled her out with a spinning rod and a plastic fluke, only fish of the day about a week ago, Yakima down here in the Tri-Cities is just running so fast and so much water its washed out pretty good....she was about to explode though I think so put her back so she could spawn but she was solid 5# pushing 6 on my little scale that's probably not quite accurate...
Here's a few more pics of some bass I pulled out of the Yakima last summer, again all on spinning rods but nice fish and always fun when your catching....but I'm sure you've heard the ol' saying which my grandpa taught me at a young age "a bad day fishing is always better then a good day working".....Have fun out there everyone and lets get some bass on some fly's this year!!!
Found a lil honey hole on the lower yakima yesterday...pulled out a nice fish on my 8w....wen't back this evening and no luck but the fish were most defiantly present, bass were rising all over BIG bass too....I couldn't get one though cuz I ran out of daylight n only got to fish the spot for a few mins....I need to figure out what there eating on the surface the one I caught yesterday took a scuplin pattern but no luck with that fly today...I tried a few weighted head sculpins and streamers even a top water lil spider type bug thinking I could skeet it across the surface but no takers...I'm most definitely going back tomorrow to try and dial in on what their eating...I've never seen any thing like it 5-6 jumpers at once everywhere I looked there was another on going up...and BIG BASS too like 2-5lbers easy...I can't sleep I'm so pumped I'm gonna get up at 5 and go see if their doing the same in the morning and if they are I'm fishing till I find out what their eating...Here's a pic of the bass a picked up yesterday and the fly it took...
Maybe try poppers on the surface? Lots of splashing around usually gets them going. How is the water level? I haven't been paying attention lately, has it calmed down out there?
It's still really high but it's slowed down quit a bit....i've been going further up stream for a longer float looking for some decent water so I've been putting in off Snivley road I think it's called its up above twin bridges off 240...theres a launch there and an easy place to drop in...from there it's about a 3.5hr float to van geisen without stopping or back flipping took me about 4.5 yesterday I put in around 5:30 and pulled out right at dark at like 9:30...but there's some real fishy looking water and I've had some luck with plastics catching a few lil guys but nothing on the fly. I got this last one (pic above) right around horn rapids on that sculpin fly above but I went out again last night and OMG BIG BASS jumpin everywhere in this one spot...I was basically in still water and 360 degrees around me fish jumping everywhere and they seemed unusually big like I didn't see a small one they all looked like 2-5lbers and no they were not carp these were bass....I just couldn't dial in on what they were feeding on...but I tossed 5-6 different bugs at em without a bump bfr I had to move on and I still ended up pulling out in the dark...I believe they were specifically eating one thing so I assume a hatch was going on, wish I knew of what....if the wind holds up I'm gonna give it a go again I'm gonna try a few different stimulaters with emergers of a chrono droppers like 8-10in under the fly and see if I can't get one to rise to that...I even tried gear fishing I had my spinning rod hooked up with coffee colored plastic fluke which they seem to love in that river, I do really well with it most days I fish it but they weren't interested in that either...Had to be a bug on top of the water...I even skated a fly that's like a little white foam spider/mouse looking thing my brother tied me could be a beetle spider tiny baby mouse I'm not sure what it's called or if he just made it up but it's like white foam with black rubber legs and black body and kinda looks like a little baby mouse bu it will float for days so I'd let that thing sit for 5mins as I'm watching the gorge fest go on around and tried skipping it across the water but nothing I threw last night pulled one up but I got some ideas...I WILL GET ONE I just gotta figure out what they were eating, and I hope I can do that before the hatch is over...There was just so many like 3-4 at once out of the water I was like so excited and overwhelmed all at once I didn't know what to I go top water? baitfish pattern? streamer? bugger? tiny dry fly? all this just running through my head and I was losing light fast but I probably would have sat there all night or at least till I caught one if I had a coat and head lamp but HOPEFULLY I'll have a nice pic of a big smally for ya tonight...
I drove down there this morning to check it out and they weren't jumping, so it was an evening hatch or something going on cuz there was what seemed like a million of these big bass rising in this one spot...I'm gonna figure it out though I think if I could dial in the fly I could pull out a few for sure, seemed like they were everywhere!!