Realistic Fishing Flies

Wow...Those flies look...real :LOVEIT Jeez, I heard of those puppies before but never seen them. I wonder how much they cost? I can tell you one thing though, I would never be able to tie flies like that..'Nuff Said :LOVEIT :BIGSMILE :LOVEIT :TONGUE


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I tried some similar flies to those several years ago. They caught fish, but I didn't notice any significant catch increase over standard patterns. The ones I was using cost about $3.50 per fly, which gets a little expensive when you're losing them in the rocks.

They look cool, but I personally wouldn't tie them for fishing. I put them in the same class as the married-wing atlantic salmon flies I tie; display only.


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Materials are easy. Legs are just biots with knots tied in them. spray them with water, and let them sit awhile first or they will Crack. the "shell back" is usually either Raffia (fly shop or craft shop) or in some cases ziplock FREEZER bags not standard, or thin sheets of vinyl cut. Substitute whichever one you have on hand, and mark it up with an indelible marker if you need a particular color.

A book called "Fly tying master class" by Oliver Edwards goes into this kind of thing... Fun to screw around with, but not worth the time for fishing flies.


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As the son of a guy who originated that style of tying back in the Sixties...I can say that :

1) Realistic flies take a long time to tie
2) They do catch alot of fish
3) People who tie them are obsessed perfectionists

and its good to have one or two in the fly box for picky lunkers


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Hey Everyone just wanted to let ya know that I did get some of these from a seller on ebay pretty cheap...I did see them in a Fly store up in Port Angles for $15 for one I believe....and I paid about 15 for a set of the sellers name to seach for is


good luck if you bid.....

Nah, Fish don't have time to look for 6 legs and 2 wingcases. If your food was flying by you at 10 knots, you wouldn't care either. Just tie hare's ears in a bunch of different sizes and color and fish with them and you will see what I mean. The only exception is the very realistic K-Man Stones. I love Randy's patterns and fish them all the time. I tried to tie one of Oliver's flies and it looked horrible. I couldn't subsitute anything he used and since most of my materials are natural, I gave up. This is where economics become one of the benefits of being a fly tier.
They look great on the table, but I wonder what keeps them from rolling over point down in the water?
I agree with Troutman 101, there's more to it than 6 legs.
I fished with a guide one time and he would laugh very hard at these flies! In fact, whenever he had a new fly he had tied before fishing it he would drop it on the rocks and stomp it out. He always used to say, "Fish don't bite something this pretty", as he was toeing it out.

I am thinking that from the title these are meant for framing under a bamboo rod to be placed on the cobblestone fireplace.

They are pretty, though. Who would spend 3 hours to tie something that marvelous????
Realistic for sure, but I wonder what the fish makes of the 3x long hook sticking out of the flies bum.

For when sleeping I dream of big fish and strong fights.


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