FS Big lot of streamer fly tying material

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Pretty large lot of fly tying material, primarily streamer stuff. Most of this stuff has never been used, some has seen very little use, and a couple have been about half used. Asking $65

4 Large Northern Bucktails (orange, chartreuse, white, black)
1 bucktail combo pack (smaller cuts, yellow, red, black, blue)
2 packs of Deer Body Hair (golden brown, black)
1 pack of rams wool (rusty brown)
3 packs of SF Flash Blend (these have seen moderate use, gray, black, and white)
2 packs of magnum frost-tip rabbit strips
2 packs of Senyo's Laser Dub (awesome stuff)
5 packs of marabou (white, black, olive, orange, chartreuse)
2 packs of strung rooster saddle (black, white)
2 packs of Grizzly Variant Neck Hackle(red and chartreuse)
1 pack of Olive Schlappen
1 Large pack of mallard dyed feathers (yellow)
4 packs of Icelandic Sheep Hair (pink, gray, orange, white)


Shawn West

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This looks like a very good deal at $60. If this is available when I return from my week long trip, I will gladly purchase this from you OLC55.

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