Pass Lake

Beautiful day at Pass Lake Thursday. A bit windy but not bad. Did well with a purple/black bugger/leech. Landed 2, lost 3, and harrased a couple more. Actually they just teased me with a short tug then gone.
I've been fishing Pass lake pretty frequently this spring with most of the north sound rivers closed and the Skagit/Sauk being so crowded. I have done well the past month or so with a midge pupa under an indicator, but fished last Tues and only got 2 fish in 4 hrs which was quite a bit slower than it has been. Any one have much experience fishing the far end of the lake opposite the launch, they wish to share. Does the chironomid fishing slow as some of the larger insects start to show in decent numbers. May be time to start fishing olive damsel nymphs, any thoughts. Time to do some exploring. Steve
Pass Lakes more productive areas are near the parking lot, which happened to have been constructed on one of the lakes best shoal areas. I heard Jim Johnston, the lakes long-time biologist, now retired, say he'd like to move the parking lot. The back of the lake has fish of course, but is it worth a long row or worse yet, kick, to get there. The wind at Pass can make coming back across a chore in the evening.

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