Anyone been to Rattlesnake lately?

Sort of stale info, but I was there last Sunday, about 11AM-3PM. First time in a long time that I got skunked. Tons of rises, but all looked like 8" new stockers. I think that distracted me - I kept switching from a full sink to dry line (normally have two rods strung up, but left my second one at home). Saw about three other guys out there, I didn't see anyone actually catch anything. Sunday was the first low pressure after a sunny high pressure week, not sure if that was the reason.

On the plus side, the lake was dead calm, no wind at all.

Two types of bugs were hatching, but neither in significant numbers. Both midges (or midge-like), the larger was off yellow, body length about have the size of a half a dime. The other was just a spec, never got a good look at it. Some really big bug buzzed by - sort of like a really small remote controlled helicopter. But I didn't get a good look at it either.

I threw about everything I had at it, but nothing.
Was up there a couple of nights ago. Fished from 6:30p - 8:30p in the w***, then rain. There were 5 other fishermen on the lake, seemed very slow for everyone. Picked up one 10" and a skinny 14". Water temp was 61 degrees, air temp was low-50s.

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Rattlesnake seems to only kick out really small insects. Never do too well with leeches either. I think its a c-mid game out there. I always see rises but not much on the surface.

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It was fishing well when I fished it last weekend. Alot of fish on the bottom in 40-50 feet of water eating chironomids. A size 14 anti static bag chironomid with a white bead head was working well. If they didn't take it on the bottom, a very slow retrieve straight up would get them anywhere from 50ft to 20ft under the surface. There were a few alder flies moving around. I didn't see much callibaetis or caddis activity in the shallows around the stumps.


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I went about a month ago, I trolled a WB and landed a couple around 16". Some other guys were dead drifting a green bug that they sell at the local fly shop.... "hale-bop" i think is what they called it .


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Had a nice day fishing chironomids today. Most were suspended over deep water.

Ben if you read this, I didn't get the picture you emailed. Send me a pm so I can give you the correct address, I'd really like to have a picture of that fish. Good luck to you at Chopaka.
Sunday, for me the weather change and temp drop put the fish down. Very few were seen and caught. Nothing consistent even if you put it right in front of their nose. Very different from Tue, Thur and Friday. This week will be more bad weather and a full moon.
Sunday, for me the weather change and temp drop put the fish down. Very few were seen and caught. Nothing consistent even if you put it right in front of their nose. Very different from Tue, Thur and Friday. This week will be more bad weather and a full moon.
Sunday I arrived early, early. Was just finishing up getting ready to make the walk in when the ranger arrived to open the gate. Fished from 5:45 to 8:30 Sunday morning. The first two hours were good and the fish were active and jumping all over the lake. I was going to try a new method but stuck to my old ways. 10 or so to the boat with some LDR. All of the sudden, 7:45 hit and it just shut off. Nothing for the next 45 minutes, so called it a day. Great morning weather wise and it was nice to have the lake to myself for a couple hours.
I'm heading up tomorrow around 4pm with my dad. If anybody is around and you see me in my creek company float tube, stop over and say hello!


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How'd it go? That tends to be a deep water game lake. Anchor in 50' to 60' of water and catch them in 20' to 30' of water.
Thanks for asking. Had 3 fish total, 2 big and 1 small. Both the bigger ones shook the hook as I was pulling them on to the tube, so I only mostly count those. It was slow for everybody out there, I didn't talk to anybody who caught more than one.

I was using a variety of tactics; the 2 larger fish were taken on a GHRE on an intermediate line and the smaller on a prince nymph about 10' under an indicator. The intermediate line is new for me so I have been trying to learn how to use it effectively; I probably would have done better with dark side tactics but I only have one reel for my 6wt and it currently has the intermediate on.

The deep water makes sense. I can see how the visibility would make the fish easy prey and that the smart ones are staying deep. That also jives with what I experienced; I only caught fish off the intermediate when I basically forgot about it while tending another rod. In any case I have learned some things to do differently next time out there.
I've been hitting Rattlesnake at least once a week for the past month. I've noticed the activity really picks up after the sun dips behind the mountain. Been mostly just watching the lake's resident eagles catch more fish than me. I have only had a Type II full sink till recently so I will be trying some chironos next time.

Last time I was there it was quite disappointing. Watched a group of guys trolling out of a small boat catch what looked like a nice 18" or 19" bow. Then listened to it flop around in the boat for literally 5 minutes before they tossed it back in the water where it went belly up. Easy meal for the eagle that was patrolling.
Yeah, the activity really increased at about 8.30. Tons of rises, some big jumps, but couldn't get any takes with some last ditch efforts with dry and wet flies.

I noticed the same bug activity described above but didn't have the time to try more than a couple things once they started rising.

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