Signal Light Spey

Here is a super pattern for the winter.

The Signal Light Spey

Black Alec Jackson Spey Hook
Black silk thread
wrap back half of hook with gold flat tinsel and leave a bit exposed as a tag.
Butt is half red and half green silk floss over the flat gold tinsel.
Spey Hackle - natural bronze black, stripped one side
rib, gold oval tinsel or wire
body - black irridescent dubbing
collar - natural Guinea fowl
wing - each side on or two tips from the same spey hackle in natural bronze black.

You can also use some purple under the collar or in place of the natural Guinea and it is very good.

The first couple of casts it will seem like a potato chip but after its gets saturated it fishes like a dream and the Steelhead just love it.

Thanks to Randall for the original pattern!

I personally do not like or use maribou. First it looks good in the box but loses all its body in the water, except in currentless water in a jigging type situation. Second it lacks durability. One or two fish and a fly you spent a lot of time tying is finished.

Schlappen has lots of body, some times too much. When using schlappen make sure and use some that is not too webby. It is also difficult to get schlappen in very large sizes. I have good schlappen of the right body available on my site in a variety of colors.

I prefer my spey hackle to schlappen, it has perfect body, no stem and is very durable. I suggest you tie up one with each of the three materials and then go down to your favorite pool and see what the fly looks like while swinging in the current. At that point choose the material that looks best to you.

Of course, this is all my opinion.

Look at if you need any of these materials.


Brad Niemeyer

Old School Member


I'm probably not gonna change your opinion about marabou, but...

If you spin a tuft of seal substitue dubbing before you start the marabou, it will give the marabou fibers some body/fullness in the faster currents...marabou is a very seductive material in slow currents.

...and if I was hooking multiple fish on a marabou pattern nothing would stop me from using it...even at one fly per fish.

I do agree with you about schlappen...Nasty webby stuff! I bought some recently and I dislike using it.

My 2 cents...

You are quite right, Bob aid showed me a technique to do just that and the results were very nice.

I have to say that a nice pattern is a nice pattern, regardless of what it is tied with and I will do my best to appreciate all types of fly tying art. The few years I have spent in the sport compared to its history make me quite humble on every count.

As I always say, it is not important how or what you fish, only that you fish.


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