FS 8 FT Fly Fishing Pram

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This is an 8 ft home-built fly fishing pram. It has beach wheels and a great pedestal seat. The exterior is finished with an epoxy paint and the bottom is an epoxy/graphite combo. I hate to part with this little beauty but I need to cut down the size of my fleet. It is located in the Poulsbo area. Asking $350 cash firm. Dick Larson2.jpg


Jeff Dodd

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Great looking Pram. I would lobe to have 360 degrees of unobstructed leg room at the rowing/fishing station.

Do you know if your boat is the same design that the Port Ludlow Fly club built? I have used one of their boats and found them to be a stable and dry fishing pram.

Great deal for a stillwater flyfisher. Me personally, a third wood prams would get me a cot in the boat shed! ;-)
Exactly what I want a smaller wooden boat for, Jeff. I want something light that I can throw around easily when it's just me or for a few specific places where a lighter boat is more suitable to getting in
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