How do I find the value of an old Fenwick 6wt?


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I am cleaning out my rod quiver and want to sell my old Fenwick fiberglass FF86 rod. It is still in beautiful condition so I would expect top dollar for it whatever that is. Any suggestions?

Checking with websites for vintage fly tackle for sale prices is obvious. Possibly a faster way is to do a search for such rods on eBay. I have searches for items that I might want to bid on. However, you can also do searches for completed auctions, which will, of course, give the sale prices.


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Thanks Mac, I looked it up and it is a first generation Feralite built between 1963 and 1971. It looks like it should be worth about 100 bucks. I'll probably run it up the flagpole at about $90 and see if anybody salutes.


Jim Wallace

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Somebody got a nice deal! Fair, anyway. The 8 1/2' Fenwick 6 wt is the same rod that I bought in 64.
I broke mine and got it replaced in early '65 on the warranty, but I accepted an 8'er that was already in the store's inventory, rather than wait for a new 8 1/2'er to be ordered and shipped.

I'm pretty sure that I paid somewhere around $35 for it. In 1964 dollars.
The dollar is worth only a fraction of what it was then. You couldn't buy that rod new for less than $100 today.

I have no plans to sell mine in the near future. I don't use it much though, and I quit using it in the salt.

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