FS Galvan T-12 $250

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Galvan T-12 $250 used condition, functionally 9/10
Its ready to go, 250yds of backing and Rio 50lb shooting mono, just needs head!

Still available

to add this reel is is in great funtional condition! The marks look worse than they really are. Reel is very smooth!

Richard E

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Crazy good deal. Just check out what an extra spool costs...if you already have a T-12, this would give you an extra spool, plus extra parts and a backup reel for trips where shops aren't around if your first T-12 has some issues...

Just sayin'. :) Nope, I don't know the seller.


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I can't believe no one has snatched this up.. wow good deal here. that reel will stop a train.
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