The cost of fishing just went up again

My experience with VW is that their recommendations are with an overabundance of caution. Like Rob said, look at the forums and then make a decision. I haul a lot of weight in mine (three full sized labs, gear, fully stocked cooler, etc.) and it runs well. I can't but think it could tow....

Got new tires on it several weeks ago and the mileage is fantastic!


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My rig blows. When I do get to fish it gets me and all my crap there. I can't afford something more economical, so I will continue to pay at the pump.


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Jeez...spend a bit of time driving in Canada, where it's often a long way from point A to Point B and you'll quit spazzing out about gas prices here. God help you if you ever had to buy gas in Europe...Old Man, and quite a few others, would stroke out over it.


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The hikes started last weekend. I paid 3.79 when I left town pulling the TT to my 6 day Deschutes trip with my son and father, gas was around 3.89 in warm springs and madras, when I left tues, same stations..... 4.09

I had such a good trip, the price was a moot point. When I filled up to head back over the mountain, I chuckled that I paid about the same for a single fly online that I couldn't find in any of the local shops (a deadly pattern mind you) as I did for a gallon of gas. So i started thinking, do I conserve gas and stay local, or conserve flies and not go for the hard casts.......

I hope to have a trip report up with pics in a day or two.


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My friend tows a drift boat all the time with his TDI wagon. He says that he gets 32 MPG while towing and hardly notices the boat. Lots of torque. I was seriously considering buying one. I'm giving Toyota 2 more years to bring the Hilux to our market or put the Diesel engine in the Tacoma.


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Only the worst kind of liberal would take that on a fishing trip. Real fly fishermen drive Hemis!

View attachment 28234 View attachment 28235 View attachment 28236 View attachment 28234 View attachment 28235 View attachment 28236 Well Ive, I just bought a what I call my "transitional vehicle" for fishing, a Ford Focus hatchback. I couldn't afford larger payments right now (I have a house to still sell, so when it sells, I'll "upgrade" to an all wheel drive) so this will have to do for a couple years. I have had it for 3 weeks now and am happy with it thus far. I need it for getting around on these 100 mile day fishing roundtrips. I can fit my FishCat float tube in the back, so I'm happy enough. I would have, of course, wanted a Honda CRV or the Mazda CX-5 also, but they were about $10,000 more. I got this for $16,688 minus a $2000 trade in for my Honda Civic 98. So, I got my monthly payments down there to a reasonable level. It's supposed to make 38 miles per gallon on the highway. I drove like an old man at 55 mph and it did do that, however, it's more realistic at 36 mpg. Around town and zipping locally, it is doing the 31 or so. It seems like a solid car and has heated seats and seems comfortable thus far. Who ever thought I would buy a Ford Focus!!! I still have my Dodge 2003 diesel and camper for big trips.


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I actually had a 2000 focus hatchback that was my main fishing rig for almost a decade. Put over 200k miles on it with only a few oil changes. The body kind of fell to pieces but that engine just wouldn't give up.


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yup, sold my F250 and bought a Hyundai. I'm getting about 4 times the gas mileage. My only gripe is I can't sleep in the back.


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I think DimBrite was just trying to be funny with his liberal comment. But if not and he really sees the world in terms of liberals and conservatives then he really doesn't see the world.

I traded in my Focus last year for a rig I could sleep in but it was flawless for the 7 years I owned it. It just devoured mountain roads, switchbacks and high speed turns. Handling was just superb and the new ones are far better.

And by the way-I am a real fly fisherman and have been since I caught my first trout on a fly on July 28, 1951.


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A trip to Ione will hurt my gas guzzling wallet. Once I arrive I will let Ive do the rest of the driving! Sounds like a plan to me!

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