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Rob Blomquist

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Just today I recieved a package containing one Hungarian Partridge skin. I paid about $14 including shipping, and it was a great deal. Its the biggest partridge skin I have seen, the color is great, and it beats anything I have seen in shops recently. Not to mention he is selling "chicken skins" without the neck, but with a complete saddle and wings for about the same price.

His eBay sellers moniker is "jjent." Not to mention he is rated 289 with no negatives, and is constantly complimented for his material.

I will be getting more materials from this guy.

Matt Burke

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Thanks. I'm all over ebay, but I never thought about fly tying material.


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Mat, I have had very good dealings with tying materials purchases on Ebay. It seems that there is less good quality tying materials in the past year than in past, but if you are diligent on checking the site there are good deals to be had. Jim Brodie.

Paul Huffman

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I finally got my hun. Because I can't shoot straight, a buddy shot one and threw the whole ungutted bird in the freezer for me. I thought about thawing, refreezing to kill the next hatch of bugs, then thawing, skinning, and drying. But then I thought, "What's wrong with keeping it in the freezer?" It's convenient to my tying table and when I want a couple of feathers, I just open the freezer door, pull out the whole bird, the feathers are all ready organized by size and color on the bird, yank a couple feathers the right size, and toss the bird back in the freezer. As long as the new wife puts up with it.

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
I'd give her about 20 minutes, and then, if you aren't around, you'll be asking, "Honey, what did you do with the hun I had in the freezer?". And you are likely to get an answer you don't want to hear.



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its a lot cheaper to just shoot your own material. woodduck, pheasant, hun, all of it is available in WA and much more fun to collect.:D

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