Bridge collapse


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Actually the spending hasn't decreased at all. It just hasn't increased at the same predetermined levels. Anytime this happens people claim that it is a " cut " for their own political purposes.


Wrong, local state and federal governments have all been shrinking over the last few years, along with gov. spending @ all levels. This is another meme that people buy into, that distracts us from the real problems we face.
These charts and this information might be wrong. Only a quick search led to them. Are they inaccurate? Or, are you now going to break it into % of GDP or some other interpretation?

usgs_chart2p11.png WA-spending_2011.png


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It's interesting how this disaster has brought out the loonies. I have found the insight to them delightful and mildly entertaining. It has also cemented my opinion of them beyond a shadow of a doubt. To those of you who have stayed compassionate and caring, thank God you're the majority here.

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Problem solved....

Some of you may have seen the national news about an Interstate Highway bridge that collapsed into a large river, after having been struck by a truck carrying an oversize load.

That bridge is 2.5 miles from my office. The dunking of the bridge section has caused major disruptions in traffic and overall business commerce in our area.

But I’m glad to report emergency repairs are underway and necessary components have arrived, just today…….

Wait for it……..

I just wonder if the driver wasn't an officer in the Royal Canadians and if they are up there staging for the Pig War, Part Deux. What an opportune time. Practice your Ay Kerry. They're comin.
"Good news Honey, free medical".

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