Pattern Micro Grizzly TL


Here's a little guy that is part of my stable of Turbo Leech patterns for stillwaters. I tie it with grizzly marabou in olive or medium brown. I'm not really sure what the trout think it is. I've found it works darned well during midge hatches! Maybe they think it is a midge, I simply don't know. It also works during damselfly hatches and I can see that but the midge thing has me stymied. I do know there is some appeal to the multi-color of the pattern.


Hook: Daiichi 1270, or similar, size 14 (I've tried other sizes but size 14 works the best)
Bead: Black glass
Thread: Black, 12/0
Rib: Copper wire
Tail/body: Olive Grizzly Marabou (Hareline)

It is one of my Turbo Leech series of patterns because it is so fast to tie.

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