Eight Mile lake

I hiked up to Eight Mile lake today and fished for a little while. There is minimal snow at the lake, at least on the side where the trail is. I saw several rises while I was there, not a lot, but enough to think that there is a fair number of fish there.

After a short while a hooked and landed a very nice rainbow- about 12 inches. I really wanted to catch a lake trout that I have heard for years are in the lake, but with a long drive back to Yakima and pouring rain, I decided to head out.

Does anyone know if Lake trout are still there, and if so what's the best way to catch them?
Pic from two summers ago. One of three I caught, all about the same 16 inch or so? Caught two in a raft and one from shore.

Fun to catch something different. Not much of a fight though. I was more impressed with the cutts in the lake, which would take a fly and were 14+ inches. Caught no rainbows.


Easy hike for a mountain hike! Think it was three and a half miles. I took a heavy raft so you could take a float tube. Real popular in summer.

Took a fly rod and caught fish..wanted a laker so took some spoons....sorry for the dark side post :(

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