What size & type line for Searun in Salt?

Greg Price

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I used to fish Lincoln Park in Seatle for sea runs when I lived a mile from the park, but have not fished the salt for at least 5 years.

I now live in Puyallup and am thinking of trying the salt again.

Anil at Puget Sound directed me to Titlow Park in Tacoma. What a great place. I tried it Saturday evening on a slack (13ft) to outgoing tide. I did not get a strike or even a follow, but I can see there is potential at that beach.

I must have hit it a the worst time/tide/season because I had the entire beach to myself. There was very little beach visible.I waded most of the beach in water up to my knees.

Saturday I used the medium/fast rod with the clear intermediate line with 4x flouro.

What line and leader should I be using at this beach?

What tide/time of day/season is the best to fish this beach?
I just started fishing for SRC's myself. I started by lining my 6wt with Rio Outbound Short with a 6ft Rio Salmon/Steelhead leader (cut to about 3ft) and about two feet of 0X tippet (5ft leader total) . I also fish the incoming tide - but I think this depends on the beach and I havent fished Titlow. Again, I am still new to the PS salt but I have caught fish using this setup. I am sure some others will have better suggestions but that's how I do it!
I am new to it as well, but did very well the few times I went. However, I was given some great advise by some excellent SRC fishermen from Seattle down to Olympia, which put me years ahead of the game . I know you only asked about lines but thought I would just add some more since it all ties together. Literally! :)

Here is what I was using and/or have been told works well.

Rod - 6wt fast action 9 1/2 foot rod (works well in wind and that extra length helps keep your fly from hitting the beach behind you)
*however, I used a 5 weight medium fast rod and it was really fun catching SRC's on that. It was a bit tough to cast sometimes, but worth it.

Line - Scientific Angler Master Streamer Express - 150gr Red w/ clear tip, however the 200gr Yellow w/ clear tip would work as well.
Rio Outbound Short - 1.5 - 2.0 ips - Clear/trans yellow (this is what I used and it worked well) I just had to give some extra pause time when I wanted it to sink more.
I also had to use weighted flies. The next time I go, I might try using the 200gr SA Mastery Streamer express and over line my 5wt or use it on a 6wt. However, the setup I used caught fish and the downside to a heavier line is it makes it tougher to fish the first 3 - 6 ft away from shore as well, which in my opinion was the best zone to be in.

Leader - 3X 7.5 ft fluorocarbon tapered leaders, with 3x tippet. Some people would suggest using a clear intermediate 10ft poly leader, but from the beach with the 5wt rod, it tended to be a bit long and difficult to cast. You can easily go up a weight or two with your leaders. I found using a 2x Steelhead tapered leader worked well too. Fluorocarbon leaders seemed to hold up better, but they aren't absolutely necessary. I used regular mono leaders as well and caught fish on both. I noticed AKFly7 mentioned using a 0X leader, which I didn't use but the fish seemed not to be very line shy. I just always try and use the lightest leader I can get away with in case you run into one or two that are.:) Starting light and working my way up. I wouldn't go any lighter than a 3x though, which was easier to use from a boat. The nice thing about the lighter leader is it sinks faster and you can fish a larger range of depths by changing up your stripping speed.

Flies - Everyone has there favorites, but I used the most simple and subdued looking fly I could find. Bring 4 or 5 different types and keep switching them out. I found
the weight of the fly being as important as the color/size.

Don't forget, I am new as well, but I caught an abundance of fish on this set up and wouldn't change it much in either direction. Hope you find your beach! I had the best time fishing the Puget Sound for SRC's. I can't wait to do it again!
Your line and leader are fine, a good skunkig is good for the soul, :D remember Its fishing not catching.
All kidding aside I would recommend you check out Chester Allens book, I have the e-version on my phone for easy reference. Seems theres another book by Lester somebody or other-
Your line and leader are fine, a good skunkig is good for the soul, :D remember Its fishing not catching.
All kidding aside I would recommend you check out Chester Allens book, I have the e-version on my phone for easy reference. Seems theres another book by Lester somebody or other-
Hey Tony,

Thanks for the heads up on that book. Looks like its full of great info about year round SRC action....

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
AK - I like the incoming tide idea. I understand that each beach fishes differently, but I think the incoming tide might school the bait fish within casting distance. I was fishing a fast outgoing tide at Titlow.

Itsbenlong - Thanks for your advice on leader. 2x or 3x might do the trick.

Tony, I seem to be the "skunk" king with Saltwater fishing. A good skunking is good for the soul. It makes catching sweet.

When I started fishing the salt in Seattle 10 years ago I had outstanding results. I was able to catch one to three fish each outing. Then it kept getting worse for the next couple of years until I stopped fishing Lincoln Park altogether.

I am wondering, is the Sea Run Cutt in salt as hard to catch as steelhead in a river? Did I just have beginners luck back in 2000 when I first tried it?

It seems like those of you who have had success with Sea Runs have a passion for it. What is it about these fish that is so special?

Thanks to all for responding. I can see I have a lot to learn. I still have my stripping basket so it will get put to good use.
Hey Greg,

I haven't even had the chance to check out the incoming tide. I was up there two weeks ago and fished 2 days, both on the outgoing tides. Next time I am up there I will probably have more time to do a couple all day trips and fish both tides. Can't wait!

That incoming tide must make for some interesting retrieves or stripping. I guess it would be the same if you knew the right spots to hit. Seems like that was the deal anyway, being in the right spot at the right time. I guess that goes for most everything in life! :)

Looking forward to reading your post the next time your out!


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Greg, I looked at my tide program for last Saturday and you were fishing the tail end of a HUGE incoming tide, maybe nearly a 7 knot current mid-stream in the Narrows at around 3 p.m.

Also, I think high water was a little after 7 p.m. that day and cutts generally don't feed at slack water.

During the late spring and summer we see our most extreme tides during the daylight hours.

You have to remember that the Narrows is a exactly that: narrow, and accelerates especially the incoming tide. I would think a strong flood current like that would scour out all the baitfish even in a reasonably protected area such as Titlow, which is at the tail end of the Narrows before the waterway starts to open out past Pt. Fosdick on the west and Day Island on the east.

I was boat-fishing cutts in the Narrows when I was a teen back in the '60s. Admittedly, we mostly fished the west side beaches but we never went down there on a big incoming as the current made it nearly impossible to fish. We fished it on the ebb or a smaller flood.

Just my 2ยข!

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
itbenlong- I will post on my next time out. I desperately need time on the water right now for my mental health. My father (who used to be my best fly fishing buddy) is very ill and is divorcing my mom after being married 55 years. I am trying to help my mom but I am failing at keeping her on schedule to do basic things she needs to live alone. Vancouver WA is a 3 hour drive from my home. My mom is computer illiterate, so I have to do all communicating via phone or mail.

Fly fishing the salt is balm for my soul. Just being out in the sea air and concentrating on casting keeps the nastiness of my parents situation at bay for a while.

Dipnet - The huge tital flow was like fishing a steal head river. It was interesting. I am looking forward to fishing that beach during other tides/time of day. We are fortunate to have such beautiful places to fish within city limits.
Good luck with that Greg! I know what your going through with illness and divorce and sorry to hear it. Good thing you are surrounded by water 365 days a year.

Nothing like a bit of fishing to clear the mind and cleanse the soul! Sure beats going to the bar!


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I am fishing the beach this morning. Maybe this will help.

I like to fish the outgoing tide at this particular beach. The tide table I use are for the Tacoma Narrows which is the closest to where I am fishing. The high tide is 10.8' at 8:34AM and the low is -1.7' at 3:15PM so I will arrive at 9:30AM, letting the tide to recede enough to give me a beach to walk. I will leave around noon or so, depending. . .

My tackle is: Rod - 9' 6wt tip flex Orvis Hydros; Reel - Orvis Mirage III; Line - 6wt floating Orvis Saltwater All-Rounder; Leader - 10' 0X; Fly - Miyawaki Beach Popper; Cigar - La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda Maduro