I just started tying last week :) What are good beginner patterns? I have learned to tie wooly buggers with bead head and without..I was considering a bunnie leech perhaps.



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I have found the buggers and leach patterns are the easiest to start out on. Next I would suggest moving to simple streamers or maybe some spider patterns. I like tying baitfish patterns or something like a MickyFinn or black dose.
What type of water are you going to be fishing? tie stuff that makes sense for your fishing.


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sre you going to be fishing for steelhead? is so try looking into skunks. The green-butt skunk is an alltime fav. for steelies and simple to tie.
what are you going to be targeting primarily?

Scott Behn

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I would agree with the skunks and anything else that is black or purple. I also found that freight trains work very nicely also. I found that for steelies I tie almost all my patterns with different sizes of chenille. I personally think it last longer (fish per fly) and is much more simple. If you have are targeting steelies try the above mentioned skunks and the green butt, freight trains, purple perils, egg-sucking leeches(chenille eggs),and also wooley buggers.
Just a thought,