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David Loy

Senior Moment
Pretty funny. How much do you suppose they pay their guide per trip? That and the price of transportation and gear makes ANY rod/reel purchase a bargain IMO. From the perspective that you'll fish it as often as you like maybe for the rest of your life. I have climbed Olympus but I'm just not a "peak bagger". Thirty miles uphill doesn't equal 3 miles on a stream.

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Just finished that article yesterday. Article said that you get what you pay for with the guide fee, in both experience, support & equipment. That Hillary Step is a real bottleneck - people wanting to go up, others wanting to go down.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
I actually heard about this a few years back. A buddy I graduated college with did it. He is an experienced climber, in the army (having also taken courses there as well). He didn't make it to the summit, only because weather held them back. He was appauled how it was back then. Didn't sound this bad.

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