Watch your backs out there!

~35 years ago camping in the Frenchman Hills area I was awoke very early morning to the sound of what I thought were hillbilly locals throwing cement cinder blocks into the water. There was enough of a moonshine to distinguish the water geysers from across the small lake. When we circled around the "nab" the suspects was when we saw 2 beavers playing around.

Good thing the wolves weren't around...

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
I wonder if beaver(s) kill pussy cats? Kind of like coyotes.

Yikes! A terrible thought.

Good thing my cat does not accompany me on fly fishing adventures.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
About two weeks ago I awoke to find some lower branches gnawed from a cedar hedge in my back yard. Some of the gnawed off branches were missing. One was still on the ground.
At first I couldn't figure out what done did it.:confused: I suspected that if it wasn't some psycho vandal sneaking around at night with hedge pruners, then it might be a beaver. I got down on all fours, removed my bifocals, and examined the cuts close up. There were several sets of paired "chisel marks" from the beaver's incisors, each individual tooth mark about 5mm wide, with a very fine, but discernible, ridge running between the paired teeth.
I compare those with some pics of beaver teeth marks on gnawed-off branches (coincidentally about the same diameter of the ones that got gnawed off my hedge) that I searched up on these here interwebz. They were dead ringers.

Then I found where the culprit had squeezed under my back fence, having attacked my property from the year-round drainage ditch that runs between my place and the cranberry bog out back. I blocked the spot where it squeezed in at. So far it hasn't returned.

OK, now that adds yet another species to my "visitor list.":cool:


Not to be confused with Freestone
I had one scare the hell out of me one night fishing on Rock Creek (just downstream of Elkstroms Ranch) I was in absolute bliss, catching fish after fish who were sipping PMD's as routinely as Dean Martin sipped martini's. It was dusk and, out of friggin nowhere, KA-SLAP. It must have not seen me and it was so close, it splashed me...nearly crapped by waders. I cussed that damn thing for 10 minutes... if anyone had been close by they'd have thought I had Tourette's syndrome or worse. If I'd have been packing, I'd have probably unloaded a clip on that SOB..screwed up a perfectly good hatch and me with the right fly :).

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