Anyone familiar with older Loomis IM6 rods?

Looking for another rod building project, and I am tired of being disappointed by the fast action rods out there today. Fast and I just don't seem to jive. I had an older full-flex Orvis that I didn't love but was closer to what I want, but most of the rods today are just too fast. Looking for something truly in the middle. My favorite light action rod is an older Anglers Workshop Chalkstream Light 7'7" 3/4wt rod. They don't make it in higher wts though.

Thought about getting an older Loomis IM6 8'6" 6wt or 7wt blank, as there are some being sold on-line. I know there are some Loomis historian/fans on the board. Any thoughts? What will I be getting with an older blank? I am sure it will be a bit heavier, and hopefully more moderate action.
Thanks for your thoughts.


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My friend had a 9' 5wt 2 pc gary loomis signature rod in Im6 that did everything real well - not to slow and not to stiff! If it were me I'd look for a signature blank, great tapers from I think the early 90's maybe late 80's. I actually watch for them every once in awhile in A factory model on ebay but they are very far and few between. blanks might be a lot easier to find. good luck!

There is a dealer that builds with older g-loomis blanks and sells on ebay - maybe look them up and contact them. pretty cheap prices, but nothing fancy but they do use all kinds of older loomis blanks. Already built but might sell blanks also.

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I have a GL3 9' 5wt 2 piece. But I ain't parting with it. I was my first Graphite rod that I paid over 200 smackers for. I wish it was the first one I had but it's been replaced about 3 time through their expediter service. Does Loomis still have that service??


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I have 5 of the Loomis IM6 fly rods and two 1141 gear rods wrapped on IM6 4 wt fly rod blanks.
I bought my first IM6 Loomis fly rod personally from Gary a short time after he started G Loomis. It is a 9' 6" 6 wt that I still use today.
I ready like what I'd consider the moderate action. As mentioned by Mark, not to slow or fast.
I think you'd be very happy with that blank.
Thanks guys.
It looks like we are all talking about the same ebay shop.
Sounds like I can't go wrong if I am building it myself. do I distinguish a "signature" blank. Will that be the model name?


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If they're that auburn-orange color, they're likely the sig series blanks. I'm not sure there's anything other than that to distinguish them as the blanks didn't always survive distribution with the factory labels. And for what it's worth they're a fantastic medium action rod.

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Mike....Gary Loomis's "signature" (decal) was on the finished won't be on the blank. It's interesting that some of the blanks available on eBay are a dark green color....I've recently learned that Gary Loomis was under contract to make IM6 blanks for Press Powell back in the late 80s/early 90s, and the Light Touch line of trout and steelhead/salmon rods were dark's a link to the Powell Rod history:

Jim B.


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I couldn't tell you what the blanks are marked with. the finished rods from loomis had "signature series and cursive Gary Loomis" man would I love to have that 9' 6" 6 wt. (hint-hint stonefish) what A rod that must be.

Well I think we all know the coveted winston IM6 rod blanks were made by Gary Loomis!


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Sorry I lied, I actually have 6 IM6 Loomis rods. I forgot about the 10 weight I have. ;)
All joking aside, I thought this might help you if you end up wrapping up that blank. These might help if you want to make it look like a 80's factory rod.
The first picture is of the reel seat. I don't build rods so I'm not sure these types of reel seats are still available. The threads for the up locking reel seat are actually in the wood. It had to be an incredibly hard wood as it has functioned well for over the nearly 30 years.

The second picture is of the GLoomis logo on my rod. There were also rods that had Gary Loomis signature on them. I think I have one around here somewhere. If I can find it I'll post a picture of that label as well.
All of the Loomis IM6 rods I have are the are a redish brown. When compared next to a Sage RPL, it is lighter in color then the RPL.
One other thing I really liked about the IM6 rods is many were offered with removable fighting butts. I wish more companies offered that as a feature on their new rods.

Sorry Mark, but that is one rod I'll never sell. I have two tips for it. I broke it years ago. They repaired the original tip which is now a few inches shorter and sent me a new tip as well.
You might enjoy the story of how I acquired the other 5 IM6 rods I own. Years ago when WFF first started, a fellow listed 5 of them for sale. He had a 5,7,8,9 and a 10. He was moving and wouldn't be using the rods any longer.
I agreed to buy the 5,7 and 8 for $75.00. I told him I didn't need the 9 or the 10. The rods arrive and were in great shape. About two weeks later another package arrived with the 9 and 10. He sent them to me with a note saying he hoped I enjoyed them as well. What a great guy. 5 Loomis rods for $75.00
Thanks Stone. That is quite a story, and I haven't been in the sport that long, but I have never seen a wooden spacer with threads. Pretty cool.
Thanks for sharing the pics.
Have you considered fiberglass? Steffen Brothers comes to mind. They are approachable and will work with you to get what you want.
Thanks Paul. I have thought about Steffen. I am actually building what I was told is an older 8' 4/5wt Loomis glass blank. Wiggle test feels great, for what that is worth. I am very excited to finish this rod.


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Thanks Paul. I have thought about Steffen. I am actually building what I was told is an older 8' 4/5wt Loomis glass blank. Wiggle test feels great, for what that is worth. I am very excited to finish this rod.

Mike that is a good find. Never seen one nor have I ever seen one for sale. I'd be excited too! Most of my rods are fiberglass, old ones and some newer ones as well.