ceder river questin

You forgot to mention that it is closed at night


Not to mention night time is when the tweakers prowl the river looking for cars to break into and fishermen to jack. And the scourge of mountain lions are most active then. And the mosquitoes are just terrible on the river anyways...

Worst river EVER.
So does it open tomorrow, Im still looking around.

Yep. Nymph deep. Flows are pretty good for the opener time frame, a few hundred CFS lower than what I've considered scary on certain crossings - but still enough that you need to be careful. The Cedar kills annually as it's underestimated.

Did I say nymph deep? If you're not losing flies to structure once in awhile you're not getting down in there where the good fish are, if there are any fish, and if they don't feed solely at night...
For the place(s) I haunt on the Cedar, the flows are borderline scary (at least according to my logs). I will most likely wet a line and keep the wading to a minimum.

Hi, I'm new to fly fishing. I just cought my first fish, a dolly in Alaska last week. I would like to try ceder, if anyone would like meet up there and deal with a newbie?

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
went there today and caught a huge sucker. I caught a couple small cutties early on but there are hundreds of suckers in the pool near the theater park. more and bigger than I have witnessed in years past. I will probably fish further upriver later this week instead of standing in a pool of suckers scattering everywhere,


My name is Mark Oberg
I went there today with my 8 year old grandson, had a good time but no love for us. I am going to take him to one of the S river's tomorrow. So if any body has a thought, let me know. He is doing a fly fishing report in school, so I'm trying to give him some crash course brush up MoJo.