NFR trail cam 2013

Pretty addictive eh? How often do you check your cams? My dad and I put a cam or two out in our hunting area in spring once the threat of snow is gone, then check it every 4-5 weeks until the end of hunting season.
The cam in my back yard gets checked once a week. The yard cam gets about 4 Golden Retriever pics for every one deer.

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Yup, cute little tasty critters. Sure, they are there now, but come the opener of season and they won't be anywhere around. They seem to know when season opens and head for the safety of National Parks or game preserves.
Aint that the truth!!! We should meet their travel agent; must have the best charters to Tahiti on the planet, and the guy also works for pheasant, grouse, and deer, too! Whatever he does, they're all gone come opening day.

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