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I'm looking for your opinion on the Rio AFS Outbound. I'm thinking this line will be particularly good on my 5wt buelah spey rod. Its 11'7". I would be using this line mainly for dry fly, skating and fishing just user the surface film with intermediate tips of flouro leaders. Let me know what you think or your experience with this line. How difficult is it to cast? Any help.appreciated, thanks.
I have an AFS for my 8wt and a Airflo Compact Scandi for my 6wt for exactly the kind of presentations you're talking about. Both lines are great, but I prefer the Compact Scandi's shorter length over the AFS because both my rods are in the 12'6"-12'9" range and I don't really have to adjust my cast as much switching from a Skagit to a Scandi. Although, with that said, you shouldn't have to adjust your cast much at all, with either of these lines. The AFS bombs when you nail it right though. I recommend going to a fly shop and casting both to see what you like.
i've enjoyed a 4/5 AFS head on my 5117-4 beulah (which is now up for sale) and its really easy to cast and loads up well. a 5/6 would give a deeper load. nice match up!


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I've logged an enormous amount of hours with an AFS 6/7 on two different 11'6" rods. They are fantastic light touch head.. Have used Airflo 10' Salmon/Steelhead and 10' Trout intermediate polys, various mono and hand tied flouro 12' range, all performed well.

Most of my time has been with smallish summer hairwings, no bulky deer hair bugs, so unsure how they would behave. The AFS has quite a long fine taper.. thats why I like it so well.

Don't overlook the Wulff Ambush line. It is pretty awesome and as the word is spreading, they are making it in more weights. I have used it on spey, switch, and single hand rods and it casts beautifully.

Thomas Williams

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So I'm thinking for tips I'm gonna throw a 310 gr steelhead scandi. The afs sound like a good match for throwing dries on long 12-15 ft leaders. I have also heard good thing about the wulff lines but I can never figure out what size I'm supposed to have so it steers me away from that selection. I would strictly be throwing dries and maybe an intermediate or hover tip in the surface film. Sounds like the AFS is a good choice. Anyone else have any recommendations as far as a good dry fly spey line goes? Also do I want the afs or afs outbound? Thanks guys I appreciate it.

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Pirate do you have a Skagit head for that rod? I saw your add. I live my Beulah its fantastic.
Thomas: i rocked a 325gr skagit short which felt OK... i think a 350 would have been nicer... if you're looking at getting a line that will throw small sink tips and do some dry line stuff, how about the Airflo Rage?

Thomas Williams

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Thanks for the help everyone. So I picked up a few lines for my setup that will accomplish most anything. I got a 300gr Elixer, 310gr Steelhead Scandi, and a 350gr Skagit for chuckin meat like you suggested pirate. By the way Anil down at Puget sound fly company has a bunch of spey lines marked down to 30$. Thats how I picked up the steelhead scandi. Thanks again everybody!

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