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Going through them before the move.
$.25 each
Fly fishing and tying journal
Spring,summer,winter 2005
Spring, winter 2006
Fall 2010
Spring ,fall 2011
Spring,summer,fall,winter 2012
Winter,spring,summer 2013

Northwest fly fishing Sale Pending
July/aug,sept/oct 2010
May/June,July/aug 2011
Full year 2012
Jan/feb 2013

Fly tyer Sold
Spring, summer,fall,winter 2011
Summer,winter,fall 2010


Not to be confused with Freestone
Consider donating these to Jerry D for Project Healing Waters... I gave him a ton of older magazines last year that I hope brought some happiness to our recovering veterans.


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List is up to date,The sale fell through.
Freestone,that is a great idea.I will get ahold of him in a couple days if they dont sell
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