Desert fire chironomid

Where did you hear about that fly? Very few people have ever even heard of it. I took the desert fire to forrest Lake BC last summer and while the lake is known to be fickle we caught several fish in the 10# range with that fly, it was an incredible producer. Let me know if you find any pics. When it comes to chironomids I think its kind of a northwest secret.:thumb
I like to share, but this one is a secret. Not to be snooty but I actually designed this pattern myself in 97' and have shared it with only a small group of fly fishing fanatics. I was quite surprised that anyone has even heard of it outside that group of friends. I guess the group is getting bigger. :hmmm


There is a chironomid pattern in the Umpqua Enflyclopedia page 30 called the Desert Storm.Pink with a black bead head ,sz. 18-24.


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willflyfish4food, That must feel good. To see your pattern get some press. Ahhh, the power of I wouldn't tell anyone either, but you'd better have a chat with your inner circle for letting that one slip out.;) YT:smokin

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