WTB Float Tube and Fins Wanted

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I have an inflatable Kayak but it's a bit too much to take out when I only have a couple of hours, so I'm looking for float tubes and fins. Don't care about brands and condition as long as it holds air and was stored properly. Hopefully not much more than $50...Got any in your garage collecting dust??


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I have a float tube that my wife has been pestering me to get rid of for the last couple of years. I could let it go for $90. I can send pics tonight if you are interested.

Jeff Dodd

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I have a Caddis float tube and a pair of over the boot fins I would sell for $50. The tube has been used twice. Fins twice also. I think the tube was not a lot more than 50$ on sale at GI Joe's when I bought it new and fins were about $40 if I remember correctly. I have stored them in my garage for about 6 years.

I am on Whidbey and work in downtown Everett if you are interested, send me a note via the to forum.


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I have a Caddis float tube in excellent condition, only used a couple of times. I also can throw in some over boot fins with it. Price would be $40.​
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