Middle Fork this afternoon


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Very nice fish on a river close to home. What fly and set up were you using?
I was using a 5wt with a 7 1/2 foot 4X leader, tied on a small elk hair caddis, probably a 16. There weren't a lot of bugs on the water, a caddis or parachute adams are usually my starting point on the Snoqualmie.
Honestly, with the way the light was and how fast the water was moving, I never even saw him take the fly, just felt it and set the hook.
I fished that seam for a while longer with no other hook ups, then tried some deeper slow water with a large stimulater and nymph dropper, got one little bump but no fish.
I just bought a new 3 wt rod, I've been fishing the Middle Fork with a 5 wt for too long, should be more fun with the light set up.
Thanks, I bought a 4wt 8-6 a few weeks ago for the Middle and South Sno Forks. I figured it would be shorter more presise casting so I got the 8-6.

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