May Spey Tying Roundtable

Thanks to all who participated in the April Roundtable. We will have to add another table if the group keeps growing like this. All were challenged and enhanced in the tying of the Gold-Purple FLy from Autumns on the Spey.

For the month of May we will turn to a classic Northwest Spey, the Sol Duc Spey. Syd Glasso was one of the pioneers who brought Spey style flies to the river of the Pacific Northwest. Although bright patterns like the Sol Duc bear little resemblence to the somber flies fished on the Spey they retain all the fishing qualities of the flies and work well on our Northwest Rivers.

There are two varieties of the Sol Duc Spey. One has tented wings made from a pair of Golden Pheasant breast feathers and is called the Dark. The more standard version has wings made from pairs of orange hackle tips. Also Syd and Dick Wentworth developed a style of dubbing where they spilt the floss which is used for the butt and use the floss as the dubbing loop.

Hook - AJ Spey or Partridge CS/10
Thread - Pearsall's Gossamer #19, Hot Orange
Tag - Flat silver tinsel
Body - rear 2/3 Alec Jackson PSF-31, Glasso Orange, front 1/4 orange dubbing(Ronn Lucas Iridescent)
Rib - Flat silver tinsel
Hackle - Steelhead Anglers Yellow Spey Hackle
Throat - Black, spey hackle works well here, use 1 size larger than the hook.
Wing - 2 pairs hot orange hackle tied vertical or 1 pair Golden Pheasant Breast feather tips.

The May roundtable will be Wednesday May 21 at River Run Anglers in Carnation from 6:30-9:00. (425) 333-4446.

Kits and/or materials can be had at River Run Anglers from from

See you there!