Korkers KGB Review


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My Chromes made it to the one year mark and they fell apart. My Metalheads were better than the Chromes durability wise. For less cash, I'd go with the Metalheads or Simms Freestones. For the pricier boot, the KGB or the Simms Guide boot get the nod IMO.


My KGBs made it 3 trips and blew up. I will never own Korkers from here on out. I know opinions are like assholes and everyone has them, so I am glad you liked yours!


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I will never own Korkers from here on out.
Opinion shared. My Korkers shrank so bad I couldn't get them on my feet. I felt like a test subject, but instead of paying me, I paid them. If Korkers had any R&D they knew they would shrink, but sold them anyway.


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I was at the same point with mine until I got the KGBs and I've put over a dozen hard days on them thus far. Then again, should they crap out as early as my Chromes, I'm only wearing Simms boots.


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I was leaning toward the Simms guide boot, but... Felt or rubber? Thats the beauty of the Korkers...

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