Anyone looking for a fishing partner?



I will be in town this weekend! I am heading straight to Whistler BC for my Bachelor party. I will be coming back on the 9th and have all day Monday the 10th to fish and am curious if anyone had some fishing planned and wants someone to get skunked as they catch some fish! I'm open to options and would love to learn from some other Washington fly fisherman! I will repay if you travel to Arizona! Thanks

Jim Speaker

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You're welcome to join me on Lone Lake, on Whidbey Island on Monday. I'll be there that day and then on to Crescent Lake. See the thread I just posted...

PM me if you want to meet up. Even if I get someone coming along on my trip that occupies the spot in my aluminum boat, I'll also have my 8' bucks south fork pontoon boat with me... so if ya need something to float on, all you'd need is waders n boots - you could use my fins.


I appreciate the offer! It never ceases to amaze me the amount of generosity on this forum.

However I don't fish Stillwater and am completely unprepared to do so. I will keep it open as an option and I really appreciate the offer. Thanks.

Derek Young

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I fished with Kirk yesterday, and had a great day on the upper. Nice to fish with another angler with a similar style and skill - he's great with a streamer rod and a very effective at sub-surface presentations. Suffice to say, fish were caught, photos were taken, and I got a nice box of flies from Kirk at the end of the day.

Here's a shot of Kirk demonstrating his levitating fish release method, he simply willed it from the net back into the water... ;)


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